While there is no magic formula, a balance of beautiful web design, combined with the right meta tags, key words and phrases is a great start. Of course, whether a page draws traffic (and links) depends on whether it's optimized and how useful and interesting it is. There are a myriad of things you can do to increase your sites rankings such as finding a niche with little competition or using social media to improve traffic to you website.

The more sites that link to your site, the better. Having links to your website from legitimate sources on the web helps you rank higher in the search engines because these links are an indication that your website is trustworthy and contains good content.

Attaching blogs to external sources can add attention to your website. You could also consider PPC (pay per click) Advertising. Email Marketing Campaigns can also be useful in attracting clients to your website. The more traffic your site receives the higher you will rise in the ranks.

Search engines like to see domains that have been registered for extended periods of time. This represents a commitment to the domain name. It shows that this website is not a temporary spam site so register your site for a minimum of one year at a time. More time is preferable. These suggestions are just the beginning of what is possible. Read our blog for more information about improving your site rankings and many other relevant topics.